“All Other Generations Beware!”

The main interaction of this comic strip is between Smack, a 12 year old cellphone abuser, and his father, Poppa Smack, a baby boomer who dislikes all of his son’s behavior. Poppa Smack, his heart forever stuck in the 60s, has


made it his duty to criticize the kids of today, especially in comparison to his (frequently fictional) memories of the
past. Smack’s mother Momma Smack, a stay at home mom, is the total
opposite of her stern husband. She showers her son with nothing but love. (Of course, this only provokes Poppa Smack into being more cantankerous and critical.)

Other interactions in this comic strip involve Smack’s best friend Chai, a humorous carefree student with A.D.D., and his Generation-X older brother, Frapp, a newspaper editor stuck in the 90’s. Newspaper in hand, Frapp has the smarts to voice why his generation is better than others and loves to cons truct humor out of it. However, this does not stop Smack, Chai, and Poppa Smack from giving him an earful. 

Our third student is Mo, a confident loudmouth who dislikes other girls in her generation. She loves to find humor out of the expense of her two best friends and the adults in her circle. Growing up in a single family household with her dad brings more slapstick interactions.  We also see how Mo can be quite the airhead at times. 


Jay Nelson

Jay Nelson was the creator and writer of a web-animation series when watching cartoon videos on Flash was the thing to do. Since then, he has written comic novels with the latest R.E.E.P.E.R. Men –reepermen.com recently published.

He was always considered a comedian growing up around his friends and family. With writing dark action packed thrillers, a comic strip was the perfect outlet for him to release his comedian side. Generation Mute was inspired by his surroundings, the young kids of today, his generation and his family. 

Jovanie Nazaire

Jovanie Nazaire is a freelance graphic artist with many years of experience. Jovanie was able to bring Jay’s vision of the comic strip to life like no other. From that point, the dynamic connection was formed.

Jovanie is a versatile artist experienced in many facets of design. His greatest expertise however, is children and comic book illustrations. At an early age, drawing was always his hobby as he was drawn to anime, cartoons and comic books. Over the years his drawing skills developed with the goal of delivering the best artwork needed to make the character and story come to life.