All Other Generations Beware!

Observe three feisty junior high school combatants as they wage a generational war of words with their elders. Smack, a 12-year-old cell-phone addict, and his hipster father, Poppa Smack, are on the front lines in this relentless battle. Never-give-an-inch Poppa has made it his duty to stubbornly criticize the kids of today. He even has it out for his wife, Momma Smack. Chai, Smack’s best friend, struggles with A.D.D., but his primary mission is to make Frapp, his Gen-X brother, cry “mercy.”
Follow their forays into wit-rich familial conflict for a daily ration of tongue-in-cheek humor.


All other Generations beware as these 3 will drive others insane.
Redefining Generation Z as Generation Mute.